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Masonry Cleaning - using heritage approved methods
Any cleaning work to stonework or brickwork needs to be carried out correctly and using the most suitable method to ensure that no irreversible damage is caused.  Our cleaners are highly experienced in all forms of masonry cleaning and due to our companies on going approach to constantly improve on our methods of work, we carry all the latest specialist cleaning equipment such as JOS / TORC and DOFF.  Each building is different and our Surveyors can discuss the most suitable methods for use on any project. The majority of our cleaning work is to listed buildings/historical monuments,but we can also undertake general cleaning works such as graffiti removal, abrasive cleaning and paint stripping works.
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Bruntwood Hall DOFF Cleaning TORC Cleaning TORC Cleaning Manchester & Northwest cleaning
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JOS /TORC Cleaning (approved contractor) DOFF Cleaning Traditional masons cleaning (Nebular sprays for limestone) Chemical Cleaning Detergent Cleaning Poultice Cleaning (paint stripping) Abrasive cleaning (wet&dry)